Complete College Planning

Perhaps we went overboard with nearly 40 hours of training packed into our Flagship College Planning offering.  But we felt strongly about the fact that there are professionals out there who don't want to settle with "enough".  They want to be the best, most informed, and demand the opportunity to achieve expert status.

Our COMPLETE COLLEGE PLANNING will ensure that you have what you need to become the best when it comes to the quality guidance you'll be able to provide to your clients and will gain access to an exploding new market of prospects.  Nothing is left to chance.  This is not just "what is college planning", it's a top down knowledge, integration, and execution blueprint for college planning.

And unlike nearly EVERY other College Planning Option, there's no requirement to join an agency, an IMO or FMO nor will you sacrifice any fee you might charge.  Take a good look at co-founder, Andy Hickman...NO NEED FOR HAIRCUTS!

These modules are made available to you for a full 6-months to ensure that you have ample time to squeeze every drop of valuable knowledge. Moving forward, we simply recommend that you consider joining CQA - College Quest Alliance. 

Once again, there's no obligation,  it's entirely up to you.  CQA simply ensures that as a professional, you remain current with your college planning expertise.  Every week you'll be invited to a LIVE webinar (Mondays 2pm EST) where we'll discuss some aspect of college planning, admissions, applications, athletics, MOOC's, debt, etc.  And you'll become a part of a larger community of college planners willing to share their expertise, tools, marketing materials and challenges with like minded professionals willing to grow together.

Compare what we offer to anyone.  We're convinced that you'll make the right decision and click on the BUY NOW button, then never look back.  Questions?  Call or email, we're always willing to answer your questions.


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