College Planning for the Financial Professional

Everything you need to enter and excel in the world of college planning

Developed by professionals just like you, every element of this training has been tried and perfected to ensure your success.

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Three Keys to Your Success


Simple Success (C4)

Condensed training for the planner who wants to hit the ground running TOMORROW.   This is the fast track to understanding how to use immediately available tools to provide your clients with EXCELLENCE in college planning recommendations that will save them time, money, and a good deal of frustration.


College & Insurance

This training sequence is designed to alert the insurance professional to the exact relationships that exist between college planning and specific insurance-based contracts.   Term Insurance, PLI, and Annuities all play very specific roles in college planning and you'll unlock the keys here.-


Complete College Planning

Seasoned professionals or those brand new to financial services will benefit from our flagship offering.  More than 40 hours of top down training covering the fundamentals, recommended resources, building a college planning practice and more.  This is the key to the College Planning Kingdom.


OCP for Financial Professionals and College Planners

A perfect fit for your Financial Services / College Planning practice, OCP provides you with the training, the parent solutions, and the partnerships to succeed.  An instant profit center that allows you to focus on your core competency. Your clients will choose from 3 available College Planning "Blueprints" delivered by the best in the business, and you'll collect an override. Use your financial and niche knowledge and your new branded landing page (with your logo), and you're off and running immediately.

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The Book

Combining more than 20 years experience in College Planning, The College Planning Parachute is recommended reading for ANY PARENT of a college-bound student and EVERY professional looking to become a valued college planning resource.

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