College and Insurance

When most individuals think about college and college planning, visions of GPA, standardized test scores, applications, college visits and the like are the elements most likely to come to mind.   Therein lies the problem.   

In the very simplest form you can imagine, almost any major purchase that is made, is accompanied by some element of insurance.  With the cost of college easily surpassing the price tag on cars, vacations and homes, why is it so unnatural to talk about insurance with college planning?

In fact, it's only because as an industry, we've failed our clients!  Without adequate counsel, they'll venture into one of the most expensive periods of their lives and no one will introduce them to any element of risk mitigation or financial goal prioritization,  let alone strategies involving insurance products that could ultimately reduce their out of pocket expense for college!

Until now.   The knight in shining armor riding the well-muscled steed sits before you, ready to save the town from the evil dragon.  

This training series will show you just how easy and natural a college planning conversation transitions into term life insurance, permanent life insurance, annuities, and even property and casualty insurance, disability insurance, and believe it or not, long term care insurance: ALL potentially critical elements in the development of a well-rounded college funding plan.

With your insurance license and a desire to maximize the positive impact you can have on your existing clients as well as the referral potential for dramatically expanding your client reach, you'll be on your way to providing insight and protection to a largely ignored market segment with the three most desireable client characteristics - 1) an unforgiving timeline, 2) a motivation borne out of WANT not NEED and 3) a general absence of expertise.   A fourth characteristic of this market is also responsible for nearly guaranteeing rapid growth for your agency, the referral opportunity.

A personal story from Andy Hickman:

When I first integrated college planning into my agency, I realized that most of the parents I was talking to already had an insurance agent.  But because I could bring something to the table that they could not, we transcended the bounds of a commodity business and developed a relationship based on trusted and valued advisor.   That transformation has made all the difference in my life, my income, and the value I provide my clients. 

Now is the time.  This is the place.  You are literally hours away from the first of many valuable conversations that you will have with virtually every parent of a college-bound student regardless of age.  Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a magnificent transformation of your professional world.


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