Cumulus College Quest Training + OCP Parent Solutions

This powerful duo of training and back end solutions accomplishes multiple goals simultaneously.

1) It provides access to two of our most popular training packages at a price that virtually anyone can afford.  (Complete College Planning + College & Insurance ...Available separately for $1,999 and $999 as stand-alone purchases)

2) It opens a weekly invitation to our support webinars where the focus is always on how to bring more value and more production opportunity to your college planning business.  Case design, product reviews, college planning news, interviews with key college planners, or college figures are all potential topics.

3) It gives your clients access to college planning solutions at a significant discount from some of the countries most widely respected authorities using the latest reporting and analysis tools.  (You will receive a  landing page from OCP that will provide an ability to track your clients purchases back to you...and pay you for those purchases.

4)*It provides you the opportunity at a 5% or 20% revenue share for any product or service purchased by your clients.  This represents nearly passive income and even residual income depending on the choices and specific needs of your client and their purchase.

Additional opportunities exist to expand your business through our unique "fundraising" approach that will give you access to large groups and simultaneously allow them to address their fundraising needs.



*revenue share on any OCP product or service purchased through your landing page defaults to 5%.   An optional 20% revenue share is attainable with the incorporation of a reporting option - THIS REQUIRES a $299 one-time setup fee.  All other costs remain the same - that product is HERE

For the higher payout amount, we will build into your landing page an option for visitors to run an exclusive and customized college planning report, that will provide both them and you with the insight needed to clearly identify the advantages of working with a professional such as yourself.

Your Landing page for either option (5% or 20%) may be used as a stand-alone or you may link it to your existing website, Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Your landing page will be created for you, with  either YOUR introductory video (we will provide you a script) or a default video by one of our founders.  The video will also incorporate your corporate colors and logo as well as contact information.   Your landing page will also include a link to video tutorials on college planning fundamentals, and optionally, a link for your landing page visitor to run a college planning report that will show them their EFC, if their EFC could be reduced, graduation rates, retention rates, and scholarship opportunities at the school of their choice.   

All reports run by visitors will be available exclusively to the visitor AND the landing page owner (YOU!).  This gives you valuable insight from which to contact and discuss the benefits you may offer to the prospect and the advantage of working with YOU!


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