Simple Success (formerly C4) EXCLUSIVELY available through Collegiate Funding Solutions

This series was originally developed for financial professionals who saw the value and prospect engagement potential of Collegiate Funding Solutions' products, site, and support.  What they were missing was the underlying knowledge of how to put everything together and MONETIZE the outcome while still providing EXCELLENCE in the guidance and recommendations they would make to their clients.  

Also included in this video training are advanced marketing concepts that will take you beyond your existing client base and into a massive expansion opportunity for your business.  

Coupled with dozens of resources including presentations, software recommendations, marketing conversations and rationale that makes your brand of college planning the obvious choice for your clients and prospects.   

As always, NOTHING FURTHER TO BUY FROM US!   Don't sacrifice your fee, commision, override or other production!   Learn, Implement, Prosper all while providing your clients exactly what they need!


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