College Planning for CPAs and Accountants

Online College Planning has created an opportunity for CPAs and Accountants to create a brand new profit center formerly unavailable to the industry.  Partnering with Jim Sosinski, CPA and Tax Partner of The Koenig Group, LLC as well as the Founder of By the Book, New Jersey's Leading Outsource Bookkeeping and Payroll provider, Cumulus College Quest is pleased to provide this training for a one-of-a-kind industry solution.

OCP provides everything you'll need to quickly, efficiently and profitably integrate college planning into your practice. Training includes the fundamentals of College Planning where you'll learn the latest on EFC calculations, FAFSA considerations and opportunities and become fluent in what has become the business language of college planning.

You'll have a branded webpage where your clients and target audience will gain access to college planning services delivered by leading experts in their respective fields.   Every engagement from the website pays you an immediate override thereby creating a nearly passive additional revenue stream.  

We'll also give you a proven PowerPoint (fully editable) should you decide to implement a more robust college planning segment of your practice through community college planning presentations.  The PowerPoint integrates with specific tools you gain access to, which will show you and your client potential benefits of working with you in terms of reducing their out of pocket expense of college.  

Unlike tax planning which is deemed a necessary evil and a "HAVE TO" by your clients, college planning allows you to transition to a provider of "WANT TO" services thereby both strengthening your relationships with your client and instilling an almost viral compulsion to refer their friends, colleagues and co-workers also struggling with college planning.

You should expect to spend between 5-8 hours with the training but you'll have plenty of opportunity to review and rewatch all training modules.  

In addition to the training, you'll be given a chance to attend 4 LIVE follow-up sessions (webinars) where specific implementation questions will be fielded by both Andy Hickman and Todd Kelly (OCP Founders) and by Jim Sosinski, CPA and partner in the design of the Online College Planning offering for CPAs and Accountants.   

Like all industries, tax planning is not insulated from the robo- impact and a transition away from traditional tax preparation services.  This is your opportunity to differentiate your practice and yourself by providing guidance and services rarely found to this extent in or outside of the most widely respected group of financial professionals, CPAs and Accountants.

Initial Setup Fee: $0 limited time only

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