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In today's environment, the cost of college (tuition, room & board, books, fees, transportation etc) has become a significant threat to a family's ability to successfully achieve multiple financial goals. (retirement, paying off the home, etc).  At a time when many parents are attempting to envision a debt free retirement, they are suddenly faced with taking on the enormous burden of college expenses, often for multiple children.

If you are not positioned to assist these families, they will find someone who can. 

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Cumulus College Quest

Watch this brief video as Andy Hickman, co-founder of Cumulus College Quest, explains how College Planning can present the single most effective tool to growing a financial services practice.

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Cumulus College Quest  provides financial professionals with the training and tools necessary to assist existing clients and attract new clients as they seek to provide for their child's education without sacrificing their other financial goals.  Some advisors may want to create a full-service college planning practice, while others may simply want to understand how to better assist their existing clients.  We have the training to match your implementation intentions. 

We offer:

  • a COMPREHENSIVE 40+ hour on-line course covering:
    • fundamentals of college planning, financial aid, forecasting expenses and resources
    • marketing options that will ensure a smooth and quick implementation
    • case design instruction addressing asset sheltering, tax, and cash flow optimization

  • a SIMPLE SUCCESS 5 hour on-line course aimed at the insurance
    producer intent on immediate implementation which covers:

    • fundamentals of college planning
    • the unique and compelling use of TERM insurance in college planning
    • the unique and compelling use of PERMANENT LIFE insurance in college planning
    • the unique and compelling use of D/I and LTC insurance in college planning

  • all individual courses available as stand-alone modules

  • LIVE training at your venue for groups of 10 or more

    • for IMO/FMO, Insurance Companies, Broker Dealers, we can customize training to include your product, your compliance message, your particular strategy, etc. 



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Training is provided on-line with a description of every lesson and a time indicator so you can manage your training time better. Although the training is organized in a logical manner, you have free reign to select individual lessons for review and manage the sequence to your liking.