Cumulus College Quest

$99 per month beginning in the 2nd month*

Upon purchasing this training system, you will be immediately issued a user-ID and password for our PATHWAY training modules.
Modules include 8 hours of training on everything you will need to begin your college planning practice immediately.  There are also more than 5 hours of recorded weekly webinars that provide insight into the successful implementation of college planning into your agency - these recordings were made during the pilot test for our first implementation group who have now successfully transitioned into active college planning.

The monthly support fee provides you with access to *weekly college planning webinars during which you will gain valuable insight to college planning, learn practice management tips, hear from industry experts, walk through case design examples and hear strategies and planning tips from other practitioners. You will also have access to forms, marketing material, updated presentations, prospect letters, etc that others just like you have successfully implemented in their own college planning business. 

And never worry about getting stuck with a situation that you just can't figure out.  We have a private LinkedIn discussion board monitored by all our CQA members.  When you have something you'd like to share or a question you need to ask, fire away.  You'll likely get answers from not just us, but from a number of others who may have encountered and successfully handled the very same issue you're writing about!

For more information on the PATHWAY option and implementation, please contact Tim Roodvoets at 810-664-2966 or email: 

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Need a little more insight?  Watch this 45 minute video where Tim Roodvoets from PATHWAY talks about their program along with CCQ founders Todd Kelly and Andy Hickman.

Ongoing Support for the College Planner


College Planning Training

The most comprehensive yet consolidated college planning training specifically tailored to the needs of the Independent Insurance Producer. Perfect for the young or new to the business agent, great for the seasoned professional wanting unprecedented access to business owners, and precisely the answer for ANYONE tired of "exclusive leads" and "plate lickers".

Using our training, Pathway's commitment to marketing and support, and your desire to expand your agency and your production, you'll be ready to witness the power of this approach in 30 days or less.

First, you will be prepared to present a compelling presentation to an audience desperate for answers, have the knowledge necessary to conduct a valuable information-gathering one-on-one meeting and answer questions.  You'll be able to provide your clients with college planning resources and services from the LEADERS in the industry, the folks EVERYONE goes to when they want the best in college planning.  But your clients will not only pay LESS for those services, you'll earn commissions on their purchase as well!  Ready to look like the star you are?  We're ready when you are!

                         There is no production obligation. 

                                    There is no long term commitment.  


                               INCREASE PRODUCTION

                                                        DECREASE WORK LOAD