Cumulus College Quest

of those who we've trained in the past.  But, we want YOU to be happy.  While we do not offer refunds based on results (that's up to you and your ability to know your craft, your product and you client), it is important to us that you are satisfied.  If you should have ANY questions prior to purchase, please contact us.  We're not here to twist arms for the sake of sales, we are here to ensure that you have the opportunity to provide your clients

Will I get support when I'm stumped?
What Andy and Todd truly believe in is the power of abundance and synergy.  One of the reasons we demanded a CHAT ROOM on the training site is to allow the entire community (including ourselves) the opportunity to respond based on experience, similar interest, and to ensure that everyone more fully benefits from the site.  We also will continue to update the "RESOURCES" tab in the training to ensure that you have ample support from the sources we consider to be expert.

What if my access expires before I've completed the training?

Just like real college, once you've completed the "term" (6 months), you'll have to re-register for additional training...however, if you decide you need more time, you may request a one-time continuation of service for 7 days PRIOR to expiration of your initial session simply by sending us a note from the CONTACT Tab.  You may also wish to continue access to the RESOURCE tab and the Community Chat room for a nominal monthly subscription fee.

Who should consider adding College Planning to their practice?

The better question is "What financial professional (CPA, Financial Advisor, CFP, Insurance professional, etc) could truly serve his or her clients every need by EXCLUDING College Planning?"  The fact of the matter is that if you are NOT addressing your clients' needs, they will go elsewhere to find someone who CAN help them.  The risk you run by not offering College Planning is two fold: you may lose significant production opportunity, not to mention credibility, and you may just lose a client entirely.

How do I get started?
As we always tell our prospects, never has a single client said, "I'm glad I waited to get started." But, all of them tend to wish they started sooner.  You have 2 choices to get moving: 1) take us up on the free offer to look at Lesson#1 in Module#1 so you can see the "style" of training or, simply opt to purchase now and you'll get access to all the training modules over a 6 month period along with access to free and third party resources that we've qualified as top-notch

What's the cost?

The cost of our program is $599 for a single user (a single license is intended for use by one individual only and is limited to one simultaneous device session). That gives you access to all Modules and Lessons, Sample Case Design studies, a FREE Resource Tab, a Third Party Resourced Tab and a Community Chat Room!  We also offer group purchase discounts for purchases of 10 or more licenses.  For larger groups (IMO's, FMO's, Insurance Companies, Professional Organizations), we are happy to discuss terms that make this training accessible to your members. Just send us an email: 

Is there a guarantee?

We absolutely stand behind our training...we KNOW it works based on our own practice and the success