Cumulus College Quest

We've packed FIVE 20 minute modules with everything you need to effectively integrate college planning into your practice. 

Modules cover:    

  • New Business from existing clients
    This module shows you how to effectively start your college
       planning practice with existing clients in no time.

  • Prospect to Fee Paying Client
       This module covers the questions you may have about using
       college planning as a new fee-based service and how to get
       to "yes".

  • Practice Management
       There are a few secrets to implementing college planning
       into your existing practice, this module streamlines the process.

  • Revenue Streams
    Once you see the opportunities that exist with College Planning,
       you may begin to wonder why you didn't start sooner.  From
       fees to new production opportunities, we'll cover them here.

  • Advanced Marketing
    To get the most from your practice, you'll want it to grow.  In
       this module, we'll show you immediate and long term growth
       paths worth considering.

  • and we've packed in a bunch of free resources that we think you might be able to use in your practice (we use them in ours) as well as a number of 3rd party resources you may want to consider.

We get it.  You have a successful financial planning practice which means you don't have 40 hours to commit to learning every aspect of College Planning.  You may also be less interested in the marketing aspects of College Planning. 

Still, you want to be able to understand enough to provide your clients with comprehensive solutions. 


3 months access

Client Base Expansion:  Referral, Generational and Professional relationships

C (Roman Numeral 100) - 100 minutes of hard hitting training.  Quick & Effective

Collaborative:  Ease of integration with your existing successful practice

College Planning: One of the top concerns of every parent (client/prospect)

C4 - High Impact CP Training