Cumulus College Quest


We have always believed in the concept of abundance as well as the quality of our training and products.  As a result, we would like to offer you the opportunity to become our ambassador.   Should you decide to spread the word about Cumulus College Quest and College Quest Alliance, we will gladly reward you for those you impress.

Simply click on the link below and your application will be sent to us for immediate review.  We would like to reserve the affiliate opportunity to those who have taken our training and can speak first hand of the quality and business impact it can have - but we know there are excellent opportunities to accept affiliates in a complementary business capacity.

We pay monthly with a minimum of $100 of earned commissions and a single successful referral of our top products will get you there.  

Upon approval, you'll be given a link that you may distribute which will allow you to propagate your commission potential dramatically.  We will also provide you with a discount coupon code that you may use - although it will reduce your incremental commissions, you may discover that it can close more sales.  We also want you to be successful, so where there is a substantial opportunity for you to introduce us to an organization, we'll jump in and help!  Just give us a little lead time and some background and we can usually work wonders. 

We look forward to writing you checks and we really look forward to writing you very very big checks.