Cumulus College Quest

Todd R. Kelly, Co-Founder

Andy Hickman, Co-Founder

The Story Behind CUMULUS

Built to serve.

We're Andy Hickman and Todd Kelly.  We're probably a lot like you at least in some regards.  Financial services happens to be a second career for us both.  But we began our financial careers about the same time more than 14 years ago. Today, we continue to operate our own financial planning firm and remain very active in the college planning arena.

Always looking for a marketing system that could give us a competitive advantage, in 2002 we began to recognize  College Planning as just the avenue we wanted to pursue.  At the time, there were few alternatives but we were committed to learning everything we could.

We discovered early on that there were basically only two approaches to College Planning: 1) provide accumulation tools (529's, UGMA/UTMA, US Savings Bonds, etc) or 2) apply a "sheltering" strategy using insurance products in cases where assets reduced federal aid eligibility.

We continued our education (through experience) and in 2009, we took what we had learned in our practice and co-created a highly successful training system for financial professionals.  Over the course of the next 5 years we hosted intensive monthly live training sessions.  We trained for 22 hours over two days (we were crazy with passion and energy!).

With great consistency, the professionals who implemented the skills they learned from us experienced growth in their practice measured by both revenue and clients.  Most simply followed to the "t" exactly what we recommended in the training.  In fact, we even taught them how to PREDICT that growth with a great degree of accuracy.

Having personally trained hundreds of advisors through both preliminary and advanced College Planning Training, we sought to take the years of experience, our training knowledge and the feedback from hundreds of professionals who have come before you, to create what we believe is the best College Planning Training system available and to fulfill the MISSION of Cumulus College Quest.

So, that's us and how all this got started.  We truly hope you find value in the training and are able to better serve your clients as a result .   Our commitment to you is to  provide you opportunities beyond training that will continue to enhance your practice and increase the value you provide to your clients.

Again, thank you for taking a look around and considering the integration of College Planning into your practice.

With great respect,

Andy and Todd